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CAAMP February Dealing with Difficult People Betsy Barbieux 2HR @SCAR

Please join us for our February CAAMP Event!

We will be meeting at:

Space Coast Association of Realtors

2950 Pineda Plaza Way

Palm Shores, Fl. 32940

Dealing with Difficult People

Community associations are filled with different people with different cultures, backgrounds, education, and business experiences. All these differences guarantee misunderstandings and possible conflict. Identifying the difference between a person who is truly difficult and one who has simply misunderstood is an important tool for a manager or director. This 2-hour course will allow participants a chance to learn about the difference people have in processing information, explore possible scenarios, and minimize misunderstandings. #9625718/classroom – 2/HR or 2/ELE PVD 158

Our special guest presenter

Betsy Barbieux

Considered an expert in Florida CAM training, Betsy Barbieux, CAM, CFCAM, has the skill and knowledge to guide managers and community association boards in handling the day-to-day operations of their communities and at the same time deal with different communication styles, difficult personalities, and conflict. Effective communication and efficient management are her


goals. Since 1998, Betsy has educated thousands of community association managers, staff members, and directors.


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