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Prepping for Disaster Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

June Community Association Team Newsletter

If you haven’t started your hurricane prep or updated your Catastrophe and Emergency Response Plan please let me know before it becomes a more urgent matter (like a storm out in the Atlantic). I have prepared simple templates you can customize from scratch to help in the process. I hope you will join our whole team at Erik Whynot’s presentation at SCCA Saturday the 17th. The first hour will be a Florida legislative update and time permitting we will be doing hurricane prep guidance with Q & A.

Whether you currently have a plan or you are flying by the seat of your pants with nothing on file yet I strongly suggest contacting one of our local restoration contractor franchises that have nationwide reach. These franchises can pull resources to the point of catastrophe just like Brown & Brown’s claims teams to mitigate damage quickly and get communities up and running.

Space Coast Paul Davis and Central Brevard’s Servpro will also come out and do a full walk through for free of your property if you ask nicely. I had the luxury of seeing this process first hand which you can see in the brief videos below. Here is more information on the walk through process from these two contractors, I would suggest discussing this with your board immediately:

 Paul Davis First Priority Agreement Program (Video Link Here) (321) 233-6190

 The SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile Advantage (Video Link Here) (321) 638-4947

We are continuing to see Subrogation Claims being levied from Universal Insurance against condo associations. If you or any associations you know are having this issue please let us know as soon

as possible. Just letting your carrier pay these claims to Universal could leave your community in a very bad spot for future renewals.

It isn’t too late for me to review or provide a second opinion on your policies, even if you just renewed. Be very cautious of one page proposals from agents. Just last month we found a community that was expecting $25K deductible on an almost $50K claim because that’s what their one page proposal said from their agent. This community quickly found out after they filed a claim that they actually had a $100K deductible! The devil is in the details and limited proposals are not binding, only the 300+ page policy contract that you get after you have voted and paid carries weight with the insurance company and judge. I can review your policy for free in and briefly discuss with your board how your policy will actually respond as well as provide solutions for deficiencies that are often free. If you aren’t 100% sure about your current coverages call or email me today.

Trevor Barone

Lead Community Association Team Advisor

SCCA – Board of Directors

CAAMP – President

Office: (321) 757-8686 Ext 110

Cell: (321) 775-5514

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