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Legislative Update Program Recap (VIDEO LINK)

The new legislation that was just voted into law is definitely going to shake things up. Please share this brief highlight and tell us how you think the legislators did along with what improvements you would like to see from the next session:

Legislative Update Event 7-19-17 - Seth D Chipman PA Attorney At Law, Sonia Bosinger and Jay Levine CAAMP Highlight Video. Full Audio of presentation + Written Material

1. Criminal Penalties 2. Service on Boards 3. Conflicts of Interest 4. Suspension of Voting Rights 5. Financial Reports 6. Estoppel Certificates 7. Official Records 8. Websites 9. Arbitration 10. Termination

Presenting Firms: Seth Chipman PA, AriasBosinger, and Levine Law Group.

Full Presentation Audio:


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